Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sticker Standards

This world is so crazy and messed up that people rarely get the recognition they deserve for the little things they do that make our personal worlds more bearable. So, my friend and I developed the Sticker Standards which help us to tell people about the awesome things they do. I figured this system should be spread, so here are the stickers (they're hypothetical, by the way):

Red: for being evil in the good sense.

Green: helping someone mellow out or relax, especially if they were really stressing.

Blue: loyalty to a friend, partner, family member, etc. even though it was really hard.

Purple: helping someone even though it could backfire and end up hurting the helper. A bravery sticker, if you will.

White: awesome-ness in general.

Pink: making someone feel loved.

Orange: being the "light at the end of the tunnel" or really cheering someone up.

Rainbow: being open-minded towards all sexual orientations.

Gold: an utterly amazing act, like rescuing someone from a burning building or electing a homosexual woman as Prime Minister (good on you, Iceland).

Silver: making someone feel really special or important, or both.

Sparkly: letting your talents shine without being afraid of what people think.

Random Fuzzy: being so effed up but so damn awesome because of it.

Black: can only be given to one person at a me, you'll know if someone deserves your black sticker. :D (and no, it's not like the black dot used by pirates)

Platinum: unofficially saving someone's life. Trust me, you'll know if it ever happens to you.

Polka-dot: helping someone have fun.

Well, there they are folks. Use them wisely. And often. :D

Oh, and Ellen DeGeneres and Janeece Edroff get gold stickers just because they're that damn amazing. :D

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