Sunday, February 8, 2009


Okay, time to breathe. Intoxication has worn off and my head is now throbbing mercilessly. Joy. Sleep isn't coming, so I'm blogging. And since I'm blogging (I hate using that as a verb), I may as well say something useful. Or entertaining, at least. Actually, how about useful and entertaining? Best of both worlds. I recieved some very interesting messages on my Facebook account that made me realise that dignity is a thing of the past. People don't understand how to be gracious and dignified, nevermind respectful. Some guy told me to show him some sugar and a few other vulgar phrases that I don't care to repeat and I was somewhat flabbergasted. Is that what my generation has come to? Resorting to crude remarks and innuendoes to gain social status? I honestly don't understand it. I know only two men from my age bracket that understand the values of chivalry and respect, which is frightening to think about. My generation has been brought up as a bunch of spider monkeys with no moral code whatsoever. Anyway, I'm tired and my brain isn't functioning so ranting is done for tonight...

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